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Musings about authenticity, empowerment, and the subconscious layers protecting it.

By Jen Pillipow

Finding my Spark (you've got the music in you) authenticity conditioning empowerment goals

This New Year I’m not making resolutions, intentions, or setting big goals.

Honestly, I'm a little burnt-out of all that.

And Ha Ha Ha ... as I typed that, I just realized why.

I've had the same goals for YEARS and they haven't happened (yet)....and it's discouraging, disheartening, and...

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What I've learned about healing authenticity autonomy control empowerment healing self-knowledge

The coaching/wellness world is full of people that have overcome a problem and (with good intentions) want to show others how to overcome said problem.

I know - I was one of them.

I've learned that my own personal healing factors include my experience, bias, privilege, and my own unique...

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