I noticed many of my clients suffered from similar physical  ailments...

*sleep issues

*digestion issues

*joint pain

*brain fog

*peri/menopause symptoms

*hair loss, brittle nails, dull skin

*metabolic health issues

*weight concerns

*cholesterol concerns

*blood sugar concerns

so I partnered with Tranont, a health and wellness company that offers amazing products, made with plants and ingredients your body recognizes and can absorb.


How Can They Help?*

Electrolyte Drink  *Available while quantities last*

Electrolytes, amino acids, B vitamins, minerals to support your hydration, cardio, and adrenols.

*No sugar or chemicals

*Safe for kiddos

*Use when you wake up, work out, outside in the heat


Metabolic Support

The Daily Health System (DHS) includes:

Activate: Appetite control and metabolic support

  • ignite fat burning
  • control cravings / overeating
  • improve body composition
  • aids sleep

Transform: Sugar transforming enzymes

  • reduce sugar spikes + regulate glucose levels
  • sustain energy
  • curb cravings
  • burn fat for energy
  • reduces brain fog
Daily Health System

Joints, Brittle Nails, Hair Loss, Sleeplessness, and Iron Deficiency

WD-40 for your joints! Also for glowing skin, healthy hair and nails, and sleeping through the night. 

The Vitamin C and collagen blend allows for maximal uptake of iron.


Joints, Brittle Nails, Hair Loss, Sleeplessness, and Iron Deficiency

WD-40 for your joints! Also for glowing skin, healthy hair and nails, and sleeping through the night. 

The Glow | M is marine tripeptide collagen suitable for those who avoid animal protein. 

Also: single packets are great for travel!


Hot Flashes, Peri + Menopausal Symptoms, Inflammation

Boosts antioxidant protection and supports healthy cellular function.

Promotes healthy immune function, wellness, and vitality.


Mood + Energy Boost / Brain Fog

Not just coffee; coffee with L-Theanine, Greent Tea Leaf, and Niacine. Helping others reduce coffee intake from several cups to just 1 a day. 

Brazilian coffee or try the chocolate flavor for a treat.


Gut Health

IBS, bloating, digestion issues, support after gallbladder removal, PCOS support. Digestive enzymes, pre and probiotic.


Focus & Clarity

A coffee creamer with MCT oil and Amino Acids that supports your focus, clarity, and mood. It mixes smooth and tastes great!


Increase Circulation

Supports healthy blood flow circulation, physical performance, and recovery.

Helps increase energy and endurance and supports circulatory and heart health.


Afternoon Energy Dips

Zest is a caffeinated powder you can stir into your drink.

It heightens focus, increases energy, helps curb cravings & improves mood.


Immune Support

Fortify is a powder you can stir into your hot or cold drink.

It boosts antioxidant protection, increases energy & supports immune response.

It supports a healthy respiratory tract.


*These products aren't intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 


Ask to join the Ultimate Glowup Fan page on Facebook and check out hundreds and hundreds of testimonials for these products.

People are improving their health and wellbeing and their sharing what products helped them lose weight, reducing cholesterol, lower blood sugar, sleep, and so much more.

Use the search button and look for what you're looking to heal, help, or the product you're interested in.



I'm proud to offer these products that I use and trust that can also supplement the healing work I do in hypnosis.

I don't believe in magic pills or quick fixes. What I do believe is our bodies and minds need support.

These products above are my favorites, but there are more, and there are bundles!

I muscle test daily because what my body needs changes day to day.

As a Hypnotist, I love supporting people with their mindsets, emotions, and now with Tranont I can offer support with their physical body so they can thrive and enjoy their lives.

If you're overwhelmed and need direction, please book a free call so we can chat.

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Are you a Soulpreneur at heart?

Maybe you're a Coach, Healer, Actor, Painter, Writer, Food Blogger, Reiki Practitioner/Master, Breathworker, Yoga Teacher, Hypnotist...

Maybe you're already running your own business, but getting burnt out.

Maybe you're an entrepreneur at heart, trapped in a different career.

The Practicum may be for you.

The Practicum.
Tranont: Full Product List