Making Space


Hi, I'm Jen, founder of Making Space - online workshops designed to connect you back to yourself and intuitive healing.

I work with people who are burnt-out from perfectionism and people pleasing and want to reconnect to their authentic selves through updating their subconscious beliefs and integrating with Reiki.

Craving more Authenticity?


You were born Authentic...

The innate desire to be authentic is what creates symptoms to get our attention when we get too far off our path.

Many of us lose our ability to be authentic at a very young age. We quickly learn from the world who we need to "be" to be loved, accepted, and maintain attachment for our survival.

These personality layers covering our authenticity can look like:

  • People pleasing (an attempt to control what others think of you)
  • Adapting and conforming to the personality of those around you
  • Overachieving & being too hard on yourself
  • Not knowing or not implementing healthy boundaries
  • Trying to control everything
  • Perfectionism (an attempt to "hide" how you feel not good enough)

These layers can create symptoms of anxiety, stress, and a feeling of loss.

It's common. But you don't have to live that way.

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People Pleasing and Perfectionism aren't sustainable (ask me how I know).

You're a unique being with special gifts, talents and strengths just waiting to be shared. 

We need your voice.

I can't teach you how to be your true authentic self, but I can guide you with tools to help reveal layers protecting you (that you probably no longer need).

Ready to shed that skin?

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Acknowledging the land and water that sustains us is important: I work, play, create, and live on traditional lands, referred to as Treaty 6 Territory encompassing the traditional territories of numerous First Nations, including the Cree and Métis homeland. 


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