Hi, I'm Jen - The Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur


I'm trained in RTT hypnotherapy, Reiki, and trauma and the nervous system. My favorite thing to do in my work is blend the mind + body + spirit.

I like to give the subconscious a voice with choice and give the body a chance to complete responses previously shut down. 


"There is a voice that doesn't use words. Listen." Rumi


Becoming an entrepreneur took me on an unexpected spiritual awakening and detour to heal the generational and ancestral stories of my family. It turns out starting a business was the mirror I needed. 


Now I help other Coaches, Healers, and Creatives...

the Highly Sensitive and Empathic...

the Cycle Breakers...

who struggle with entrepreneurship, because starting a business amplified:


❤️‍🩹hyper independence 


❤️‍🩹people pleasing

❤️‍🩹harsh inner critic



❤️‍🩹imposter syndrome

All rooted in shame and low self-worth.

The good news is, that your worthiness, self-confidence, abundance, and trust is all still there, completely in tact. Just buried. 

I help guide you back to that place, under the layers and conditioning and stories.

We do that through hypnotherapy, the body, emotions, and choice.

Ready to learn more?  


Did you answer a calling to be a Coach, Healer, Leader, or Creative?

Are you also the Cycle Breaker in your family?

And doing your own inner healing?

If you are:

1. holding space for others to heal

2. doing your own healing

3. healing your family line (generational and ancestral)?

You are doing triple duty.

You're healing yourself, your family line, and holding space for others to heal.

You are part of a special group.

You are one of the Superheroes of Healing.

You're able to see unhealthy cycles of behavior in your family and you intentionally work to break those cycles.

You're the one that asks, "why?" AND you have the courage, bravery, desire, and resiliency to change.

  • You're aware of your patterns and you seek information and help to change those patterns
  • You're doing things differently: parenting, living, relationships, working, growing
  • You feel like the different one in the family
  • You're willing to change and empower yourself by confronting fears, beliefs, emotions, and create boundaries
  • You see the world differently than your parents / caregivers

If you're a cycle breaker, you're intentionally changing multi-generational family patterns.

This is a calling, and intentionally or not, you've answered the call.

I see you.

Superheroes of Healing need special support.

In a world where we're repeatedly told we aren't enough, that we'll never be enough, that we must work hard to prove our worthiness, we are rebelling. We are breaking the mold. We are flying free.

I can't do it alone, you can't do it alone (trust me, I tried), we need each other.

As we heal our connection to ourselves, we heal the connection we have with abundance, worthiness, our work, money, and our relationship to each other.


For the Healers, Creatives, Coaches, and Leaders.

The highly sensitives, the empaths.

The brave, the courageous.

Let's heal together.

It can be lonely work, but doesn't need to be done alone.

We'll get further together.


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