I'm Jen and I create online courses in personal development so you can bring your most authentic self to your work and relationships.

Self-awareness is the foundational tool to learn the difference between your true nature vs. learned, automatic behavior.

Discover your hidden self-awareness style!


You were born authentic.

The innate desire to be authentic is what creates symptoms to get our attention when we get too far off our path.

Many of us lose our ability to be authentic at a very young age. We quickly learn from the world who we need to "be" to be loved, accepted, and maintain attachment for our survival.

These personality layers covering our authenticity can look like:

  • People pleasing (an attempt to control what others think of you)
  • Adapting and conforming to the personality of those around you
  • Overachieving & being too hard on yourself
  • Not knowing or not implementing healthy boundaries
  • Trying to control everything
  • Perfectionism (an attempt to "hide" how you feel not good enough)

These layers can create symptoms of anxiety, stress, and a feeling of loss.

And it's normal. But you don't have to live that way.


"I'm so happy with the differences I'm noticing. It is a little weird to be present and can sometimes feel like I need to fill it with something to worry about, but I am getting better at just "being".

I’m more focused in the present, I’m allowing myself to take breaks (and not feel guilty), and I’m bringing hobbies back in to my life. What I’ve noticed most of all is how everything is easier – I used to think everything was so hard, or would be hard. I’ve just taken the drama out of everything, I worry less, and I’m less judgmental of myself and more confident.”

-Katy M.

Learn the difference between acting from your true nature vs. learned, automatic behavior by strengthening self-awareness, the true gateway to authenticity.

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"Jen helped me to find clarity on why certain thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors were playing out in my life and business and gave me the gift of breaking the pattern of feeling guilty for resting. 

I also found myself eating less sugar and feeling generally more relaxed and aligned with my vision for my life. 

I found Jen to have an intuitive, calming presence in the session, which really helped me to relax and open myself to the process."

-Emma Rose