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What I've learned about healing

authenticity autonomy control empowerment healing self-knowledge Apr 27, 2022

The coaching/wellness world is full of people that have overcome a problem and (with good intentions) want to show others how to overcome said problem.

I know - I was one of them.

I've learned that my own personal healing factors include my experience, bias, privilege, and my own unique soul make-up.


I can't possibly know what you need to heal. There's too many factors out of my control, and your control.

Let's look at some real healing factors:

1. Generational trauma

2. Past lives (yup, going there)

3. Your soul mission for this lifetime

3. Physical ailments and restrictions, muscular adaptations, they way your physical body is made

4. Sometimes food plays a role as medicine; sometimes not

5. Limiting beliefs (subconscious and conscious)

6. Connections to your spiritual team

7. Your ability to know yourself, trust yourself, have compassion for yourself

8. Your life lessons

9. Your life circumstances. Your privileges.

10. Ancestral trauma

11. Childhood trauma

12. Trauma. PTSD.

13. Your Nervous System and your fight/flight/freeze/fawn responses 

How on Earth could I (or anyone?) tell you they have the blueprint for your unique history, life, and experiences?

It's impossible.

But here's what I do know. My talents, gifts, strengths lie in the emotional, mental, and energetic work to bring awareness, update subconscious programming, and make space for you to feel safe in your unique soul suit.

I'm here to teach others how to re-engage and empower themselves and their self-healing powers. 

My passion for authenticity and living in alignment to each of our authentic code feels paramount to collective healing.

If I combine those things I get Making Space, which is designed to lead you back to yourself. 

It's not to "fix" anything. You aren't broken. 

It's to remind you of you.

Because living out of alignment to your true you, creates problems.

So rather than promise you I have the blueprint for your healing (how could I?), I share tools that help you to understand yourself, to control what you can control, to integrate, and empower yourself; to increase self-awareness, self-trust, self-compassion, and self-knowledge.

With awareness comes choice. With choice comes change.

You can learn more about Making Space here.

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