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I offer three levels of hypnotherapy sessions.

Level One: Intro Hypnosis

If you're new to hypnotherapy, I suggest starting with a 45 minute session.

Level Two: RHE 

If you're familiar with hypnotherapy and have experienced other modalities and counselling, I suggest a longer, more integrative and interactive session.

Level Three: RHE (Past Lives)

If you've been on your healing journey for some time, I offer my deepest healing space where we explore past lives, generational, and ancestral healing. 

 All parts of you are welcome.


Level One - Hypnosis $99

Hypnotherapy is a safe healing modality that works by slowing down the brainwaves to a Theta state.  

Within the Theta state we access the subconscious mind, which is responsible for 90% of our automatic habits, thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs.

In Hypnotherapy we have the opportunity to change old habits by creating new beliefs that support new behaviours for your healing and growth.  

It’s similar to affirmations, but instead of just using 10% of the conscious mind, we’re using the 90% power of the subconscious mind.

Sessions are 45 minutes and include a personalized transformational recording. 

Level Two - RHE $180

RHE sessions are a unique blend of hypnotherapy, positive psychology, embodiment, spirituality, Reiki, and the nervous system.

It was inspired by my training and education of: Rapid Transformational Therapy (Hypnosis), CBT, Reiki, and the field of embodiment.

For simplicity, I call it RHE. Read here for a more detailed description.

Sessions will range between 90-120 minutes and may include:

  • Memory regression
  • Reiki or energy healing
  • Personalized transformational recording to rewire the brain
  • Follow up call or email

***Not all sessions include all tools. I listen to what the body needs and don't force or control sessions.

Level Three - RHE $250


These sessions are typically 90-120 minutes and include Level Two components and:

  • Generational / Ancestral Healing / Past Life Healing
  • Follow up call and email support
  • Distance Reiki¬†

***Not all sessions include all tools. I listen to what the body needs and don't force or control sessions

In Person or Virtual Sessions

If you're new to me, please book an initial free call so we can get to know one another.

Saskatoon sessions at Intrinsic Lotus on 810 Central Ave.

Virtual sessions by Zoom.

I offer packages and payment plans and recommend 4-6 RHE sessions for deep healing and transformation.


What can Hypnosis and RHE help with?

It's unlimited because your mind is unlimited and your body is designed to feel and heal.

We'll use part of your session to discuss where you feel stuck and need relief in your life circumstances.

Below are some examples.


Self-Sabotage Relief

Self-sabotage is self-protection. Before we can clear it, we need to understand what feels it needs to protect.


Stopping habits or creating new habits with the conscious mind alone is very limiting. 

If you've ever been frustrated with affirmations not working you'll understand the need to utilize the 90% of your subconscious mind power.


Remove anxieties or heal traumas associated with childbirth or preparing for birth.

Mystery Illness

MS, Fibromyalgia, PCOS, fatigue; the body speaks to us but doesn't have words. 

Beliefs and emotions in the body can change our cells. 


Public speaking, goals, authenticity, all require a level of self-confidence. Being an adult learning new things requires self-confidence!

Stress Relief

Feeling tired but wired is common. Session help reduce stress and provide tools to manage it.

Improved Relationships

When we change, those around us change. Sometimes subtlety, sometimes more overtly, but they react to our new frequencies.

Relationship to Food

I did weight loss / emotional eating coaching and I learned it's never about the food, it's the association and attachment and it's change-able.


Spiders, darkness, flying, heights, public speaking, swimming / water, etc.


Improve your emotional literacy and intelligence beyond just mad / sad / happy.

New Neural Pathways

The Transformational Recordings are designed with powerful language speaking directly to your subconscious, spongey mind; listen for 21 consecutive days to disrupt old neural pathways and create new ones.

New Perspectives

We can't change the past, but we can change what you think of the past and that changes how it affects you today. 


Sports, public speaking, exams, childbirth. Want to get better at golf? Want to feel confident in front of a crowd? Do well on your next exam? This type of session is for you.

Generational Healing

Our parents / caregivers give us the beliefs their parents / caregivers gave them and they're not always *true*, or reflect our best interest, but we have a choice. 

Ancestral Healing

When we start going back 3-4 generations, a lot of those lives were filled with different traumas that created different beliefs that we still carry in our DNA. But we have a choice as to how we carry it.

Past Life Healing

Sometimes it's our past lives holding us back, creating phobias or associations or worthlessness.


With awareness comes choice.

With choice comes change.

Hypnotherapy is a beautiful modality to step into your power and release victim mentality.  I would be honored to guide you.