A hypnotherapy and embodiment container to heal imposter syndrome, self-sabotage, burn-out, and a harsh inner critic so you can re-connect to your self-worth and authenticity.


When you heal, so does your business.







This 1:1 healing container was made to support you, and your business growth.

Guiding you to embrace wholeness, self-worth, and fulfillment so you can grow, and your business can too.


Did you answer a call?

The call to be a Coach, Healer, Leader... the call to heal yourself... the call to heal generational stories.

This is a huge calling.

If you're here, you've answered the call (whether you realized it, or not).

You can't do this alone, none of us can. We heal together.

The Cycle Breaker Healing Container is designed to support you and your business growth as you heal generational consciousness and patterns that no longer serve you. 

You're breaking cycles like shame, scarcity, fears, anxieties, and victim consciousness that interrupt your work, purpose, and effect your impact. 

Something magical happens when you're in a safe place where you can name and witness your parts that bring shame: you free yourself. You remember who you are. 

With awareness comes choice.

With choice comes change.


Guiding you to embrace wholeness, self-worth, and fulfillment.


Are you a highly sensitive person, empathic, or both?

About 20% of the population are highly sensitive and have a low threshold for stimulation: light, sound, smell, crowds. They often love nature and quiet spaces, and want to help others. 

Empaths share these traits but also sense subtle energy shifts and absorb energy from environments and other people. They easily see other people's point of view. Highly sensitive people (HSP) don't typically do this.

Empaths need practice in discerning between their energy and others.

They're extra sensitive to moon cycles, eclipses, and auras.

Many, but not all HSP's are empaths.

In this situation: wearing a shirt with a scratchy tag in a conference room with 300 people all talking loudly, music is playing, you can smell perfume, sweat, you can feel everyone's emotions: anxieties, nerves, excitement, joys, fears, under fluorescent lights with no windows, you're either too hot or too cold and super'd be making an excuse to exit.


Being highly sensitive and empathic comes with amazing gifts:


‚ú®highly intuitive or psychic


‚ú®high integrity and morals

‚ú®highly accountable


✨high standards 

‚ú®value personal growth, development, and lifelong learning

‚ú®desire to help others

These strengths, talents, and gifts are likely what led you to your line of work.

And we need you in this work to help others, especially when the majority of these spaces are unregulated industries (coaching, energy work).


But, a lot of HSP's and empaths are overusing these strengths, gifts, and talents. Overusing these beautiful qualities is what I call the "shadow side" or the unhealed version and they look like:

ūüí•working without boundaries

ūüí•too porous / not protecting energy

ūüí•all-or-nothing thinking


ūüí•people pleasing / fawning

ūüí•harsh inner critic

ūüí•imposter syndrome

ūüí•using hyper-vigilance as protection ¬†

The overuse leads to burn-out, quitting, and sabotaging your work.  


Highly sensitive and empathic entrepreneurs are more likely to self-sabotage their business because we're prone to self-protection.

A lot of us were shamed as kids for being "too sensitive, too much, too dramatic" and never learned how to protect our energy, not absorb other people's energy, and we often confuse the collective energy as our own.

When we start a business and make mistakes, fail publicly, experience push back from clients, it's crushing.

Even though those are par for the course, we're not equipped to handle it.

Out of pure self-preservation we close ourselves off, sabotage our work, don't promote ourselves, fear client work, and stop showing up because we're overwhelmed with all the unhealed shadow side of our gifts.

Take heart, Sensitive Soul. 

You can learn to bring your gifts, talents, and strengths into balance where you're effective for your clients and yourself.

It's a learning curve, and *BONUS* the parts you heal are the parts that also break generational cycles.

If you're a cycle breaker, empathic, and an entrepreneur, you're doing triple duty and your impact is ripples beyond your imagination.


You're the superhero of healing.


When we start questioning the root of perfectionism, people pleasing, fears, and imposter syndrome, we're also uncovering the root of shame and where we don't feel good enough. Where our ancestors felt not good enough. 

This is deep. It's generational. It's ancestral.

You're the one with the tools and resources to shift it.  

Thank you for showing up.

Are you also a Cycle Breaker?

You're brave, aware, and proactive.

You're highly sensitive, empathic, and called to a career in healing: coaching, energy, breathwork, Reiki, hypnotherapy, and other energetic modalities.

You heal and heal others by creating and sharing your artwork: song, canvas, ink, words, potions, candles, jewelry, and so much more.

You're highly empathic, intuitive, and / or a medium.

You may be the only one in your family doing the work and it can feel lonely, isolating, and confusing.

You're able to see unhealthy cycles of behavior in your family and you intentionally work to break that cycle.

  • You're aware of your patterns and you seek information and help to change those patterns
  • You're doing things differently: parenting, living, relationships, working, growing
  • You feel like the different one in the family
  • You're willing to change and empower yourself by confronting fears, beliefs, emotions, and create boundaries
  • You see the world differently than your parents / caregivers

If you're a cycle breaker, you're intentionally changing multi-generational family patterns.

This is not light, easy work. 

It involves both deep introspective work and intentional behavioral change, often working deeply with intangible concepts like worthiness, abundance, and safety. 

From the time we're born until about 12 years old our subconscious mind is forming the beliefs we'll carry throughout life (unless we choose to disrupt them).

Our subconscious minds are highly suggestible and quick to adopt beliefs (just like in a hypnotic state), whether they're helpful or not, and these new beliefs are created with limited knowledge about ourselves or how the world works.

In essence, we're unknowingly taking on our caregivers beliefs, which they likely were told by their caregivers, hence the generational family consciousness is continually repeated.

Until you.

You believe you can choose.

And you're right. You can.

With awareness comes choice. With choice comes change.

Cycle Breakers are often healing victim family consciousness 

Sometimes that means setting boundaries with family and sometimes that means healing shame, guilt, scarcity, and fears that come up while pursuing goals that weren't possible for the generation before them.

Goals like running a successful business, creating abundance in a way that doesn't include hustling, overworking, or burn-out, and healing worthiness wounds like, "do I really deserve this?"


What does all this have to do with your Business?

Your business is the intersection where the work you've done on yourself meets your impact. 

Being a Cycle Breaker is often the gateway to realizing your gifts and talents and sharing them with others (starting a business).  

If you're not having the impact you want, let's look at the shadow version of being a gifted HSP.

If you're operating from the Shadow version of your gifts and not the healed version, you may be experiencing burn-out, hiding, quitting, fears, overwhelm, a harsh inner critic, and more.

When you operate from a healed place you'll be showing up with boundaries, resiliency after mistakes, self-compassion, and you'll be making progress forward.


Healed: taking care of your clients + using healthy boundaries

Shadow: going above and beyond at any cost to you


Healed: services and products are the best you can offer at the time of offering

Shadow: nothing is "good enough: so you quit part way


Healed: morals, standards, and integrity support your marketing

Shadow: marketing feels slimy, so you don't do it


Healed: empathic + sincere client relationships

Shadow: owning client emotions, results, and burning out


Healed: realistic and supportive self-talk + expectations

Shadow: impossible expectations and overwhelming, harsh inner critic.


The healed expression allows us to thrive with our gifts and serve others from a full cup.

The shadow keeps us small, stuck, frustrated, ineffective to ourselves and our clients.

Awareness is everything. 

With awareness comes choice, with choice comes change.

Uncoupling Work & Worthiness

We're often told that our purpose is our work. That we should do work that is also our purpose so we get paid for our purpose.

Hear the problem with that?!

Our purpose is to be us. Our purpose is to just be.

It's common for worthiness  to get coupled with body image, work, career, money, productivity.

It's common to think, "if I'm not producing or making money, I'm not worthy of receiving xyz."


Changing the Narrative

We can uncouple worthiness from all those things in the subconscious, the mind, the body, and the nervous system because worthiness is innate.

Worthiness is not meant to be coupled with anything.

But through conditioning, generational stories, ancestral heartbreaks, childhood beliefs... our subconscious and body start to put things together. Things that don't belong together. It's adaptive at the time, maladaptive later, when you want to live authentically. 

This is change-able.

We are capable of uncoupling any belief that got tied up with worthiness.

Worthiness is a stand alone concept.

Worthiness just is.

Join Me

1:1 Healing Container

This is guided support and framework for you to keep going with less floundering, questioning, and doubt.

Doing this alone took me years and not everyone has that unearned privilege of time.

If you're a cycle breaker you're healing your line up and down; if your business is helping others heal; we need you sharing your medicine and magic.

The more people that step into their right relationship with power, the better it is for the collective.


Guiding you to embrace wholeness, self-worth, and fulfillment.

Healing Focus:

Uncoupling worthiness with work, purpose, and productivity 

‚ú® Self-Doubt

✨ Victim consciousness

‚ú® People Pleasing

‚ú® Self-Sabotage

‚ú® Harsh Inner Critic

‚ú® Guilt

‚ú® Anger

‚ú® Imposter Syndrome

‚ú® Comparison

‚ú® Hyper-independence

✨ Feeling not good enough

‚ú® Scarcity, lack

‚ú® All-or-nothing thinking

‚ú® Transactional, extractive living


‚ú® Self-Awareness

‚ú® Self-Compassion

‚ú® Self-Knowledge

‚ú® Self-Liberation

‚ú® Self-Confidence

‚ú® Emotional Bandwidth

✨ Reconnecting to your inherent self-worth and abundance

Embodying Intangible Concepts:

When introspection meets interoception 

Introspection is looking inward, examining and reflecting our thoughts and beliefs.

Interoception is acknowledging and feeling the senses we're experiencing in the body.

We can't heal with the mind alone and expect the body to just follow along.

Sometimes there are body responses to complete and sensations from emotions to feel.

We bring the mind to the body to put words to what we cannot see but we can feel.

In Cycle Breakers we are introspective with interoception. We explore the stories in our subconscious and we explore the sensations in the body.

This is how we can start to embody the intangible. We can't taste, touch, or see "worthiness". 

Even if we intellectually "know" we're good enough, safe, and supported, this isn't enough to transform us.

If we don't "feel" it in the body, we'll continue to make choices from what the body believes.

If the body feels not good enough, no amount of positive affirmations of "I am enough!" will transform us.

Believing we're inherently worthy, abundant, safe, and trusting in all that is, is incredibly intangible and hard to grasp.

We can say it, but we don't believe it deep down and we don't feel it.

When it comes to intangible concepts, we need to feel it. We need to embody it. 


Who is 1:1 this Support for?

A Healer who needs Healing

You're an empathic coach, creative, healer, practitioner, teacher, and you're struggling in entrepreneurship. 

You've got insecurities working with clients, anxieties around being seen and promoting your work, and you feel stuck and alone.

All these fears are bringing up comparison and imposter syndrome and you're spinning.

A Dark Night of the Soul 

You've been on this healing journey for a while, progress is slow or stalled, and you're tired of trying to do it alone.

You've tried so many things: therapy, books, courses, and podcasts and you have a high awareness of what you're doing, but don't know how to stop.

You've grasped the intangible concepts like worthiness, shame, and feeling safe at a conscious level, but you don't embody it.

You're ready to get to the root understanding of it and tell a new story.

You instinctively know your personal healing is linked to your business growth.


Meet Your Subconscious Coach, Jen Pillipow

I blend my training and tools (RTT hypnotherapy, Usui Reiki, Positive Psychology Coaching), psychic mediumship, and personal healing journey to create unique and supportive spaces for healing.

Knowledge of the subconscious mind, embodiment, and Reiki have provided the deepest, most profound healing and resolution in my life; and, as I share this with others, the results continue to leave me awestruck. 

My favorite thing to do is support highly sensitive entrepreneurs that want to make a difference in the world without sacrificing their mental and physical health. They see the connections to their behavior and generational and ancestral stories and they know they can shift it. They recognize those stories as what they are: layers covering inherent worthiness.

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  • 3 coaching sessions
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  • distant Reiki support
  • Bonus:¬†Self-Care Library¬†with Transformational Recordings + Guided Meditations (lifetime access)
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Multiple Payments

As low as $99/mo

  • 3¬†RHE sessions¬†¬†
  • 3 coaching sessions
  • email support
  • distant Reiki support
  • Bonus:¬†Self-Care Library¬†with Transformational Recordings + Guided Meditations (lifetime access)
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