What are RHE Sessions?

I created RHE from my unique background of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) Hypnotherapy, Embodiment, Nervous System, Spirituality, Reiki, Mediumship, Past Life Regressions, Generational + Ancestral stories, CBT, inner child healing, parts work, and positive psychology coaching.

RHE gives me the freedom to work with the person in front of me, not controlled by scripts, processes, or forcing what the body isn't ready for.

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Is RHE for you?

Dark Night of the Soul

You're moving through a hard time, feel alone, misunderstood, and unsupported. 

Mental Exhaustion

You're tired of trying to figure it out with logic and reason. You've realized the issues aren't something you can overpower with mindset alone.


You keep sabotaging your goals, bouncing between 2 steps forward and 2 steps back. You feel like you've tried everything.

You've tried it all

You've tried everything and you're open-minded to working with the mind, body, and soul as one.

What happens in a RHE Session?

Every session is different as everyone is unique!

Here's a possibility: it could look like starting with Reiki to relax the body, receive messages, and work with the energy.

Then a guided journey to slow the brainwaves and access the subconscious mind; the 90% of our operating system and why we do what we do, think what we think, etc. 

From there, we may be guided to a past life, childhood memory, past life story, or generational stories. I don't use scripts or have an agenda so work with my Guides on whatever comes up.

We make space to understand how the root of the issue lives in the body and the subconscious; and then we make new choices. 

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With Awareness Comes Choice

With Choice Comes Change


(Subconscious Reprogramming)

Hypnosis in my world means using relaxation tools like Reiki and guided meditation to slow the brainwaves to a theta state.

This is good for 3 reasons:

1. We can access the vault of information in the subconscious mind (the operating system of why you do what you do).

2. It makes you incredibly curious, non-judgmental, and suggestible. This means we can suggest new beliefs and perspectives and they're more easily adopted than in the conscious, critical thinking, logical mind.

If you've had trouble with affirmations sticking, it's because you've been using your conscious mind (10%) vs. the subconscious mind (90%).

3. You get to relax! It's relaxing being in a theta state. It feels like meditation, or flow, and it gives your conscious mind a little rest.

And don't worry - you're always in control and will remember just as much as you would from any conversation. 

And no - I've never met anyone who couldn't be hypnotized.

Being hypnotized is just allowing your brainwaves to slow down, just as it does every night before you fall asleep.

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Reiki is amazing for relaxation and does help guide the person into hypnosis, but it's also energy healing. 

Reiki is an incredible modality to help move old, stuck emotion that was attached to old beliefs.

It helps create new space for the new emotions and new beliefs to integrate in your body. 

It helps you put down the heavy baggage you've been carrying that you no longer need to carry. The lessons have been learned and you're free to move forward, lighter, freer. 

It cleanses the aura, rebalances the chakras, grounds, heals what is ready to be healed and releases what is ready to go. 

Reiki often bookends the RHE sessions; we start with Reiki and end with Reiki.

Reiki helps with what you can't see, but you can feel.

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Embodiment in my world means feeling and sensing with your body; not just understanding with your mind. It's bringing the mind to the body.

When I just did hypnotherapy I would see clients understand with their mind, but not embody it, and have a hard time integrating the change.

We don't fully heal when we only heal parts of us, or try to compartmentalize.

The embodiment work in RHE is to give a voice to the parts of us that don't use words.

Many of us were taught to avoid, distract, or hide emotion. Emotion was a thing to escape and not to embrace.

Emotion is energy in motion and that energy can't be destroyed, but it can be moved, and wants to move.

When we identify an old belief, that old belief created emotions and sensations in the body. 

As we update the beliefs in the subconscious mind, we also need to acknowledge, validate, and accept the emotions that were tied to the old belief.

This is whole healing where we can unshame, accept parts of ourselves, let things go, and move forward.

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Any Questions?

With awareness comes choice.

With choice comes change.

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