With awareness comes choice. With choice comes change.


Online Workshops

In need of some reparenting?

You're the best one for the job.❤️

Signs your inner child needs healing:

  • you have trouble with boundaries and saying no
  • you have a harsh inner critic and unreasonably high expectations
  • you're highly anxious and worry what other's think of you
  • you ignore / distract from intense emotions

What you'll bring into awareness:

  • the difference between the false self and the true self
  • why we create a false self  
  • signs your inner child needs healing
  • how to reparent and heal
  • Subconscious Journey to meet your inner child
  • Subconscious Journey to continue connection with your inner child

This workshop includes information on subconscious mind empowerment; how it feels to be hypnotized, and how it works.

It also includes access to the Making Space Online Community.

...and so much more!


It's time to reconnect to what it feels like to be empowered.


The Workshop Bundle

CONNECT WITH WHAT MATTERS MOST. You. Your feelings, sensations, beliefs, ideas. What makes you - you.


Get all 4 Workshops, access to a library of guided meditations, Reiki healings, Transformational Subconscious Recordings, pre-recorded Q&A group calls, and access to the online community.


Subconscious Mind Power

Do you worry that you can't be hypnotized? Or worried that you can only do it 1:1 and can't do it on your own?

Here you'll learn how this is possible for you as you understand how your subconscious mind works, where your old beliefs came from, and how you can update them.

In this module you'll learn:

🧭How your subconscious mind works

🧭Common misconceptions and FAQ

🧭How to trust yourself in hypnosis and learn how you uniquely respond

🧭Listen to your first transformational recording to prime the mind for future success

...and more

Inner Child Reparenting

Do you often feel victimized, like life is happening to you, and everything is out of your control?

If you experienced a helplessness and lack of control as a kid (most of us did), this can often take over in adulthood even though we have so much more control and support than we ever did.

In this module you'll learn:

🧭Differences between the false self and the true self

🧭Why we create a false self

🧭Signs your inner child needs healing

🧭How to reparent and heal 

🧭Subconscious Journey to meet your inner child

...and more

Meet the Part that Sabotages

Do you find yourself saying "why did I do that?" or "I thought I was over this".

Do you experience an out of body moment and reflect after that you weren't even in control of your decision? 

This is the module where you'll meet this part of you that takes over and sabotages your efforts.

In this module you'll learn:

🧭What part of you is sabotaging

🧭Why it's sabotaging

🧭How it's trying to protect you

🧭How to work with this part of you and move forward

🧭How to forgive and have self-compassion for this part and you

🧭Subconscious Journeys to meet this part, work with this part, and learn to accept all parts of you

...and more

Belief Uncoupling


Sometimes we couple ideas together that don't belong together. They get tangled and we think one is contingent on the other.

Do you think you have to be perfect to be accepted?

Do you believe you must people please to be liked?

Do you think you have to work hard to prove your worth?

Do you think you have to look a certain way to be lovable?

Sometimes our minds link these things together as all-or-nothing.

The truth is we are inherently worthy exactly as we are right now. 

We belong, we are worthy, we are lovable, we are enough.


In this advanced module we look at memories to see what beliefs we're linking together, why, and give ourselves space to uncouple them.

We create a "yes-and". 

I can make mistakes AND be lovable.

I can be authentic AND worthy. 


In this advanced module you'll learn:

🧭What your limiting beliefs are

🧭What those beliefs got coupled with

🧭How to uncouple the beliefs

🧭Subconscious Journey revealing three linked memories that created this coupled belief

...and more

Bonus 1: Pre-recorded coaching calls

Access to:

  • 6 pre-recorded coaching calls
  • 2 channeled messages
  • How to work through triggers and resistance


Bonus 2: Self-Care Library

Access to:

  • 12 guided meditations
  • 7 Transformational Subconscious Recordings 
  • 7 distant Reiki Healing Recordings

What students are saying

"I’ve grown so much I believe I am a new person who is the same old me but updated to a new improved version. 

I feel like I connected with others along this journey with the community discussion platform which I feel is a safe place to talk about anything.

Now I know how to help myself with anything that comes up emotionally and I am making new habits to replace what no longer serves me; this has instilled so much confidence!

I feel a great sense of gratitude for my life and am looking forward to continuing on my spiritual journey of self-discovery with all I have learned.

Now I can allow my higher self to shine bright while I move forward into whatever is to come next with greater understanding and self-love.

Thank you for teaching me that everything I need to know is already inside myself and for showing me how to access that part of me with everything that I now know I can do on my own. 🙂

I love all the ways I have been taught from subconscious work to learning how to ground and protect myself to healing chakras, meditations, hypnotherapy, inner child work, self-care, what it means to sabotage, body scans, Reiki, and the transformational recordings and integration calls on zoom were most appreciated so I could fully understand how it all works. The access to all your podcasts were very inspirational to me.

I knew you were there with me all along the way and would answer any questions that came up.

This is well worth the work to go deep inside so you can come out the other side with an amazing understanding of the world within ourselves which is what we project out on to others.

Thank-you for all your help, I feel like I am at the beginning of something incredible. 


“I can’t say enough good things about this program. It has started me on a path to healing and self-awareness”

I have been on a journey to become more aware of thoughts and limiting beliefs that are holding me back from living my life as the best version of my authentic self. I've spent much of my adult life people pleasing and never measuring up to my unattainable standards.  As I began working with Jen through one-on-one hypnotherapy sessions, I uncovered many layers of hurt and trauma from my childhood that were connected to my behavior as an adult nearly 45 years later.

This program has benefited me in so many ways. I love that I can work at my own pace and the community exchange of ideas has also broadened my insight and allowed me to see others also working towards becoming the best version of themselves.  It's so encouraging and empowering.  I highly recommend this to anyone who has been feeling stuck and is seeking insight and answers to why you can't reach your greatest potential.



Everyone’s journey is different. Find the right package for you:



1 single workshop

  • Access to subconscious mind power workshop
  • Access to inner child reparenting workshop
  • access to the online community
  • Subconscious Journey Recordings
  • Worksheets



pay one time

  • Access to all 4 Workshops
  • Access to the online Making Space Community
  • Subconscious Journey Recordings
  • Worksheets
  • 6 pre-recorded coaching calls
  • 2 channeled messages
  • How to work through triggers and resistance
  • Access to the Self-Care Library with 12 guided meditations, 7 Transformational Recordings, 7 distant Reiki Healings



3 monthly payments

  • Access to all 4 Workshops
  • Access to the online Making Space Community
  • Subconscious Journey Recordings
  • Worksheets
  • 6 pre-recorded coaching calls
  • 2 channeled messages
  • How to work through triggers and resistance
  • Access to the Self-Care Library with 12 guided meditations, 7 Transformational Recordings, 7 distant Reiki Healings

Healing Whole: Free Video Series

Video 1: Subconscious Mind Power

Video 2: Inner Child Reparenting

Video 3: Parts of Us

Video 4: Integration

Acknowledge. Accept. Validate. All the parts of you. 

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