What barrier(s) needs removing for authenticity to feel safe?

4 Styles Of Self-Awareness

Online Workshop (COMING SOON)

Utilizing the conscious and subconscious mind to deliberately use your personal self-awareness style and strengths instead of them using you to fulfill automatic, learned behavior.

  • Discover your hidden self-awareness style to build your foundation for authentic living
  • Learn what it means when the "shadow" side of your self-awareness style drives your behavior
  • Understand the moments where you're "off", unsettled, or unfocused and teach yourself to pause instead of spin.
  • Create safety in your body, nervous system, and mind so you can begin dismantling personality layers like perfectionism and people pleasing

Perfectionism Awareness

Online Workshop (COMING SOON)

  • You tend to overwork until you get sick and have to rest
  • No matter what you achieve\how much recognition you get, it's never good enough
  • You don't acknowledge your accomplishments
  • You move quickly from task to task without reflection or transition or integration
  • You have unrealistic goals and can never fully meet them, but you'll die trying
  • You reject painful emotions
  • You expect your path to be direct, smooth, free of obstacles; when it isn't, you're frustrated and have trouble coping

People Pleasing Awareness

Online Workshop (COMING SOON)

  • You've been people pleasing for so long you don't know your own likes/dislikes
  • You never seek your own approval (or, if you do, it's last)
  • You're uncomfortable saying no when you want to
  • It's easier to say yes and manage your own discomfort
  • You don't trust you'll be loved/accepted if you disagree

Online Workshops: What's Included

Unlock your healing potential. Everything you need is inside you.


Information for your conscious mind to understand before we move into the deeper subconscious layers.



Guided hypnosis to help you understand where and why you created these associations.


Each workshop includes a transformational NLP hypnotic recording to listen for 21 days to solidify the new neural pathway for deeper integration and sustainability.


Stop Negative Self-Talk & Increase Confidence

  • You would never talk to anyone the way you talk to yourself
  • In a misguided way you think beating yourself up will incite you to take action
  • You have high expectations of yourself you can't possibly meet
  • You have no compassion for yourself
  • You can't handle constructive feedback
  • You always feel not good enough in some way


Stop Overthinking / Catastrophizing

  • You spend a lot of your day worrying about what might happen in the future
  • You ruminate on things you did or said
  • You have a hard time supporting yourself when you fail
  • You think worst-case scenario in a bizarre attempt to control the future
  • You feel stressed and overwhelmend everyday, even when things are "OK"