Reiki for Emotional Healing 

What is Reiki?

Also known as "energy healing", it's when a Reiki Practitioner uses their hands and geometric symbols (in person or at a distance) to release stuck energy for emotional and physical wellbeing.

In this famous water experiment by Mr. Masaru Emoto it reminds us of the energy of words and intent and how they affect water.

Remember, our bodies are 90% water. 

I like to think of emotions as "energy in motion". Emotions come with thoughts and all have their own unique vibration and effect on our bodies.

When we think a thought over and over again it becomes a belief. When we push down a feeling again and again, ignore it, and try to escape it, that energy won't flow. It will accumulate and get "stuck".

Reiki is a safe and effective way to release that stuck energy, break up the emotion, and receive lessons and healing and a way to move forward.

It's great for 1:1 therapy, it works in conjunction with other therapies, and is an amazing tool when you're integrating new subconscious beliefs.


Think of all the emotions, feelings, and moods you have in just one day.

A lot, right?

A little anxiety, fear, joy, hollowness, loneliness, confinement, anger, frustration, hurt, contentment...

Emotions are energy in motion.

But how often do you pause to process and / or simply feel the myriad of emotions you experience?

Most often, most of us don't take the time. We're busy. We push them down and out of sight and *hope* they just go away.

But because emotions are energy they don't just go away.

They wait to be acknowledged and processed.

And they'll wait a LONG time. Years. Decades. Lifetimes. Whatever it takes.

What makes emotions interesting is that they serve a purpose. They're energy with a message. 


When we ignore these messages, the energy accumulates to the point where we start feel it as physical sensations.

Maybe it's a headache, muscle ache, or a stomach knot.

Maybe it shows as shallow breathing vs. deep breathing.

Maybe it affects your sleep.

This all has a chain reaction. When we feel anxious, we don't sleep as well, so we compensate with more caffeine, which can repeat the cycle.

What I love about Reiki is it works at breaking up and releasing the stuck energy. It gets to the root of the issue to provide relief.

It's more than relaxing. It's healing at a deep level.

Use Reiki for Inner Child Healing

Reiki works across all time and distances. Sending healing to your inner child can be very powerful in healing past hurts, emotions, and perspectives or beliefs.

Use Reiki to Ease Stress, Anxiety & Fatigue

work stress

school / exam stress

life changes

relationship stress

Use Reiki to Shift Tough Emotions





Use Reiki to Feel Better in your Body & Mind

There are no limits to what Reiki can shift. It can be done in person or at a distance. It can heal fresh wounds and old wounds (think inner child healing) and be used for pain management.


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