Making Space

Improve your life, career, relationships, and health without sacrificing your authenticity.

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No one can teach you how to be authentic.

We all come with different stories, traumas, privileges, experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives.

I can't show you "the one way" or "one formula" or "framework" that "makes" you 100% authentic. I don't even believe 100% authenticity is the goal.

I see it as a dial we can consciously control for our highest good.

Only you can recognize your true authenticity by learning the difference and reasons why you shift between your true nature vs. learned, automatic behavior.

Letting go, surrendering...EEK!


It can feel scary! Releasing control of perfectionism and people pleasing can leave you feeling untethered and vulnerable, unprotected.

You may think your current level of success has come from being hard on yourself, not letting yourself off the hook, and taking care of other people first.

But the truth is - and you already know this - there's a point of diminishing returns.

That model is not sustainable and the cracks are starting to show.

Anxiety & Stress

Feeling like you're constantly in a fight or flight or freeze or fawn state.


No matter how hard you try you can't break habits and patterns or reach new goals.

Imposter Syndrome

Feeling not good enough at work, feeling insecure in relationships or jealous.

There is a way to unmask your Authentic self that feels safe and sustainable.

Even though there's no "model" or "formula" or one particular way because we're all unique beings with different backgrounds, stories, privileges, and abilities, we can still find our individual entry point by learning more about ourselves.


A desire to understand yourself on a deeper level is a great place to start.


From there you can understand what your soul is calling for.

Then you can choose tools from your toolkit to make space for you to learn, see, and liberate yourself with that knowledge.



Re-ignite your agency in situations where you feel victimized; feel like life is happening for you, not to you.


Creativity, Confidence, and Flow

Syncing up with life, restored personal confidence, which translates to your work, relationships, and health.

Intuitive Connection


Realignment to your life and soul purpose; better connection in your relationships, connection to your intuition.


What does safety have to do with Authenticity?

When we were young and our subconscious minds were forming, we were seeking attachment to our parents, caregivers and adults around us for our safety and survival. We needed to fit in to the family dynamic.

If we were told we're "too much", or not to cry/whine, or we're "too loud", or in some way "not enough", our subconscious minds adapted us by adding personality layers over our authentic selves in order to maintain attachment, to fit in, and survive in our environment.

As adults we can often cognitively recognize these personality layers and patterns, but before we can integrate that knowledge we need to learn from them, and heal from them. Otherwise, being authentic won't feel safe and we'll continue to fall back on the patterns and behavior we're trying to change.

“People have 2 needs: attachment and authenticity.

When authenticity threatens attachment, attachment trumps authenticity.”

-Gabor Maté

If at some point being authentic threatened your survival, we can't start with trying to be "authentic". First, we have to understand what is inauthentic, why we created it, and slowly find safety without it.

Safety Defined

When I say we adapted for our safety and survival, I know this sounds dire.

It sounds like growing up in an abusive household, or experiencing a big "t" traumatic event.

Sometimes that's the case.

Other times, it's because our caregivers were emotionally unavailable, or inconsistent, or teased us, or isolated us when we expressed emotions.

Either way, not feeling like it's enough, or safe to be just the way you are, a common workaround is creating personality layers to adapt to the environment to "fit" in and ensure safety.

Therefore subconsciously sabotaging all efforts to be "authentic" because it feels uncomfortable at best and unsafe at worst.

Common Barriers to Authenticity

Fears and Anxieties

Perfectionism and People Pleasing

Self-Sabotage and Lacking Healthy Bououndaries

Making Space is an invitation to connect back to your Authentic Self

This isn't about taking up space. I know that's a common phrase. There's no need to take anything away from anyone. Being authentic supports us all.

Making space is about finding the answers and clarity within yourself by removing/remodeling old limiting beliefs and making space for your intuition, strengths, talents, and gifts to shine.

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Authenticity is more than knowing your values, but values are still important. 

Here are mine:

Freedom, creativity, health/wellness, authenticity, transformation, parenting

Making Space is its own entity and has its own values:

Self-knowledge, self-love, connection, courage, joy/fun, self-expression, self-compassion...and of course, Authenticity!


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Conscious Teachings in Making Space

The program is broken into "conscious" and "subconscious" components.

The "conscious" teachings are offered in a private podcast feed and cover:

  • Perfectionism
  • People Pleasing
  • Inner Child Reparenting
  • Subconscious Mind


Subconscious Journeys in Making Space

The "subconscious" journeys are offered in a private podcast feed and are guided hypnotherapy to deeper understand your associations and beliefs related to:

  • Perfectionism
  • People Pleasing
  • Inner Child 
  • Parts of You that Sabotage


Making Space - Integration Practices

The subconscious and conscious work needs to integrate with your physical body and being.

To facilitate transformation and transmuting energies held in the body from long-held belief patterns we meet monthly for group coaching but also incorporate practices into daily living.

Things like:

  • grounding practices
  • acknowledging emotions
  • acknowledging sensations
  • having a witness to your work
  • guided meditations with NLP
  • Reiki (coming in Jan 2022)

Most of our subconscious minds' could use an upgrade.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • From the ages of 0-12 we are observing the world through the lens of the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind takes everything literally, doesn't have a sense of humor, and becomes 90-95% of our operating system for our adult life.
  • The way we interpret events as a 0-12 year old is very different than how we would interpret those same events as an adult. We have a narrow view of the world, are dependent on the adults around us, and have little in our control. This interpretation is what creates our belief system, our habits, our go-to operating system for daily life. 


I don't want 0-12-year-old me running the show!


The thoughts, beliefs, and habits that were created need an upgrade in order for me to live my truest most authentic life.

You are your own best healer. It's all within you to explore, be curious, learn, and grow.

Making Space is for you if you nod along to these ...


You're addicted to all things personal development but struggle taking action, or seeing change.

You read all the books, listen to all the podcasts but you often get stuck and don't make any real or lasting changes. You also want access to teachings that are curated so you can save time.

You feel burnt-out and stressed out most of the time.

You're tired of people pleasing, tired of everyone else coming first.

You're exhausted from trying to look "perfect".

You know self-care isn't selfish, but it sure feels that way.

You feel disconnected from your body, your life.

You think "there has to be more to it than this".

You feel stuck.

Your feet feel like they're in cement blocks.

You crave good company (and accountability) on your journey.

Let's face it - our family and friends don't always share our enthusiasm for personal development and growth.

I've created a community in Discord to connect together, support each other, share, and learn together. Discord is a safe and private way to chat online as a community.

This is not for you if...

  • you want a quick fix
  • you don't want to do the deep work (you frequently spiritually bypass)
  • you don't believe small steps lead to a giant leap
  • you think hypnotherapy is either woo-woo, or for entertainment purposes, or that you are the one who won't be hypnotize-able

I don't want to convince you how important integration is, or that hypnotherapy works.

This space is for people who are open to exploring that healing can be fun, who are curious and want to continue to understand themselves at a subconscious level and lead a more aligned, authentic existence.

Maybe you're thinking

-it's selfish to spend money on your personal development

-you'll just read those books you bought

-it's not that bad. Sure, you're tired, but who isn't? There's so much to be grateful for.


But you have a nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach that something is missing.

You long to feel connected to yourself, to your work, to your relationships.

Living an authentic, deliberate, and aligned life sounds so light, free, and energizing.


I invite you to listen to your heart and your gut. What are they telling you? Is this the right time? Is this space calling to you?

Your Authenticity is needed in this world.

There's only one of you, and we need you.

We need all the voices in the choir in order to harmonize.

You living your Authentic life supports and inspires others to do the same. 

Imagine the impact you could have on those close to you. Your acquaintances, your friends, family, any little ones in your life...

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Once you join Making Space, you'll be invited to test things out for 14 days and work through the first 2 modules before making a final decision.

If you don't feel connected to the content simply reach out and show me you've put in the work, and you'll be eligible for a full refund on your investment. Terms and conditions here.