Are you the Cycle Breaker in your family?

This online course + 1:1 coaching program was made to support you.

Understand what's in your control and what you can change; even if no one else does, or will.

Learn about your subconscious mind, the language of emotion, and the parts you created to keep yourself safe.

With awareness comes choice.

With choice comes change.


How do you know if you're the cycle breaker?

You're able to see unhealthy cycles of behavior in your family and you intentionally work to break that cycle.

  • You're aware of your patterns and you seek information and help to change those patterns
  • You're doing things differently: parenting, living, relationships, working, growing
  • You feel like the different one in the family
  • You're willing to change and empower yourself by confronting fears, beliefs, emotions, and create boundaries
  • You see the world differently than your parents / caregivers

If you're a cycle breaker, you're intentionally changing multi-generational family patterns.

This is not light, easy work. 

It involves both deep introspective work and intentional behavioral change.


From the time we're born until about ~12 years old our subconscious mind is running the show while our conscious mind develops.

Meaning, we are highly suggestible and quickly adopting beliefs (just like in a hypnotic state), whether they're helpful or not, and these new beliefs are created with limited knowledge about ourselves or how the world works.

This is why we often just adopt our parents beliefs and why later in life we think we sound like them.

But not you.

You believe you can choose.

But yet, you keep getting stuck.

It's really common to feel like we aren't good enough, smart enough, rich enough, good-looking enough, or that every resource is scarce (time, money, energy, health). But these ideas were likely passed down to you. They're not the truth. There's a higher perspective.

This higher perspective can be accessed through an increased awareness and self-knowledge.

This program is designed to not to create the best version of yourself; but to show all versions deserve your love. 

"I learned from the moon I'm still whole, no matter what phase I'm in."


What's Your Why?


Maybe you're experiencing a transition: empty nest, completing a certificate/degree, changing jobs, a promotion, marriage, divorce, an illness, a recovery, a physical change, a new parent; or maybe everything has been the same for so long you know you need a transition but you don't know how/where to begin.

Or maybe you're just tired of being triggered by your family.

Maybe you know triggers are an invitation to grow beyond what you ever imagined.

Regardless, change can feel scary. 

Liminal space (the space between the old and new) requires support, witnessing, and tools - and a strong why. 

When we're in the "in-between space", we've let go of something and are reaching for something new, it helps to have language around what's happening.

"If you can't produce language, you can't process it." Dr. Jody Carrington 

This workshop helps you produce language around your experience.

This work is not altruistic BUT there are butterfly effects.

When we update our knowledge and beliefs, we also heal our generational line. Our inner work touches the people that came before us, and after us without them lifting a finger.

It's that powerful.

Your why benefits others while it benefits you.

When you connect back to your authenticity, we all benefit. Each and every one of us.

And you get to live a life of freedom, ease, flow, and alignment.

You get to feel good. 

This is not about deserving.

This is your birthright.

What's your why?


Let's not forget some real healing factors

Healing isn't linear, and we all have our own unique energetic timeline. 

We need self-compassion, remember it's not all-or-nothing, set appropriate expectations, and consider other key elements:


🧭Traumas (generational, past lives, childhood, birth, ancestral, racial, PTSD)

🧭Physical Body (your unique access / challenges, muscular adaptations, DNA) 

🧭Limiting Beliefs (subconscious and conscious)

🧭Spirituality (your connection to your spiritual team, your faith, or none of the above)

🧭Self-Knowledge + Awareness (how well you know yourself, trust yourself, have compassion)

🧭Your Unique Soul Mission (life lessons, soul contracts, your astrological birth chart)

🧭Season of Life (circumstances, perspectives, and support systems)


Notice "YOUR ABILITY TO TRY HARDER" is NOT a factor.


Healing is not about controlling or forcing.

Some things are simply out of our control.


But there are worthy efforts to be made with what we can control:

🧭Updating Limiting Beliefs 

and increasing:







This program is designed to give you language to increase self awareness, self trust, self compassion, forgiveness, patience, and self liberation so you can heal. 

With awareness comes choice.

With choice comes change.


What's covered in the 4 Week Online Program: Cycle Breaker

This is a hybrid course + coaching package. You get lifetime access to the recordings in the online program as well as weekly 1:1 coaching for the four week container.

Week One

Trauma + Safety

Subconscious Mind Power

Embodiment + Language of Emotions

Week Two

"Parts" of us - Part One

The Goals of Parts Work

Subconscious Journey: Meet Your Inner Strength 

Week Three

"Parts" of us - Part Two

Reparenting Your Inner Child

Subconscious Journey: Meet your Inner Child

Week Four

Healing Forward

Bringing it all together: integration, expectations, and healing forward

Bonus: Self-Care Library

Including transformational recordings and guided meditations.

Watch the Video Below to see what it looks like


What we'll be creating

Self Awareness

Self Compassion

Self Knowledge

Self Liberation 

What we'll be healing


People Pleasing


Harsh Inner Critic


You can break the cycle.

When you add language to your experience you start to heal.

This workshop will equip you with knowledge and provide a safe place to bring awareness and validation that helps you heal. 

You'll understand the why, you'll understand what's in your control, you'll:

🧭empower yourself with choice

🧭change because of new choices

🧭increase self-trust and self-compassion

🧭re-gain confidence

🧭stop blocking your goals

🧭experience growth and inspire those around you

🧭regain your spark

Will this happen in one workshop? Maybe! Change can happen three ways: immediate; retroactive; and cumulatively. This workshop will give you exactly what you need for exactly where you are on this journey and all stages of the journey are welcome here.

If you're no longer willing to carry the burden of the beliefs passed down to you, you're ready for this program.




Frequently Asked Questions

Meet Your Coach and Teacher, Jen Pillipow

I blend my training and tools (RTT hypnotherapy, Usui Reiki, Positive Psychology Coaching), psychic mediumship, and personal healing journey to create unique and supportive spaces for healing.

Knowledge of the subconscious mind, embodiment, and Reiki have provided the deepest, most profound healing and resolution in my life; and, as I share this with others, the results continue to leave me awestruck. 

My favorite thing to do is support people mid-flight. They're in the space between the old and new. I love to provide guidance, acceptance, tools, and reassurance to help them step into the next part of their evolution.

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One-Time Payment

$999 USD

  • 4 weekly coaching sessions with me
  • 4 week online course
  • Lifetime access to the online program: Cycle Breakers
  • Recorded Subconscious Journeys (inner child + parts that sabotage)
  • Reparenting Workbook
  • Bonus: Self-Care Library with Transformational Recordings + Guided Meditations

Two Payments

$555 USD

  • 4 weekly coaching sessions with me
  • 4 week online course
  • Lifetime access to the online program: Cycle Breakers
  • Recorded Subconscious Journeys (inner child + parts that sabotage)
  • Reparenting Workbook
  • Bonus: Self-Care Library with Transformational Recordings + Guided Meditations

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