Learn the brain tools

required for sustainable weight loss.

  • Rewire your Brain

    Learn the powerful Framework and a way to rewire your brain, and solve any problem in your life

  • Eliminate Cravings

    Learn the tool to cure cravings and be in control.

  • Just say No

    Learn how to say no to food pushers, stop self-sabotaging, and process emotion in a healthy way

  • Stop feeling deprived

    Learn how to feel empowered by your food choices

  • Be Consistent

    Overcome obstacles with confidence. Learn that confidence doesn't come from experience - it comes from mindset

  • Core-Desired Feelings

    How do you think you will feel at your goal weight? Freedom? Learn how to feel freedom now and stop delaying your happiness

Course curriculum

Includes two 1:1 Coaching Sessions and

biweekly live Q&A's, and FB Group

Commitment Secrets

Check "lose weight" off your to-do list

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Commitment Secrets

Check "lose weight" off your to-do list


What other students are saying...

  • 40 years of chains broken..

    “I feel amazing. I feel such a strength...not physically but from within...I've never EVER felt like this. I feel like I can do anything!! If I can really do this...and I am doing this...the greatest challenge of my life...I can darned well do whatever I want!! This has had me in chains for over 40 years. I never knew I could feel free. I survived this week without bingeing..it’s a miracle. This program is a miracle. I'd pay double to have this feeling”

  • I'm down on the scale again..

    I really feel like you offer life changing information in a very approachable way. I read lots of self-help and motivational material to help advance my career and never have I been able to see emotional changes as quickly as I have with your program. I am down on the scale again today which is pretty great but what is even better is how the quality of my life has changed. Last night I actually offered to make my fiancé a pizza which I had no intention of eating with him and (the best part) I did not have a mental pity party about that, it in fact it felt GREAT seeing him eat pizza and not having negative emotions about it!!!!"

  • I've lost 8 lbs...

    “I can’t wait to tell you! I am two weeks in on my challenge and I have lost 8 lbs. I also just went away for the weekend for a wedding and had no issue sticking to my meal plan. No alcohol, no cheats. Perfect satisfaction with staying in a plan. It’s hard for me to believe. Couldn’t be possible without your lessons.”