“I’m not sure I have the words to describe how incredibly healing and profound that session was. I am so grateful to have connected with you. I have been feeling calm and connected to peace and love. I’ve had moments of anxiety creep in, but I’ve been able to remain calm and shift my experience. I am so intrigued by the work you are doing. I realized in that session how much my body and mind so need that deep state of relaxation that I experienced."

- Holly Heilman

“I immediately felt a dreamy sense of calm in the session that continued well after we wrapped too. There were interesting insights that came to light during the subconscious exploration that gave me a lot to reflect on more consciously after. Since our session, the beliefs we addressed have noticeably shifted or at least are slower to trigger to allow better awareness in real time."

- Lauren Shaffer

"The session helped me to find clarity on why certain thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors were playing out in my life and business and gave me the gift of breaking the pattern of feeling guilty for resting.

I also found myself eating less sugar and feeling generally more relaxed and aligned with my vision for my life.

I found Jen to have an intuitive, calming presence in the session, which really helped me to relax and open myself to the process."

- Emma Rose

More Testimonials

"Since going through hypnotherapy with Jen, I have seen shifts in my decision-making, in my conversations personally and professionally. 

My focus was confidence and prior to and during the process my subconscious took me right to the situations in my childhood where I developed my belief system that has impacted my confidence throughout my life. 

The impact was subtle and quick, I asked a stranger from work to meet me for dinner before a client meeting when previously I would have stayed alone in my hotel room. 

I have given presentations with greater confidence, with a smile. 

I would highly recommend this process."

- Lorene J.

“Thank you so much! This last session has the most noticeable results by far. I'm so happy with the differences I am noticing. It is a little weird to be present and can sometimes feel like I need to fill it with something to worry about, but I am getting better at just "being".

I’m more focused in the present, I’m allowing myself to take breaks (and not feel guilty), and I’m bringing hobbies back in to my life. What I’ve noticed most of all is how everything is easier – I used to think everything was so hard, or would be hard. I’ve just taken the drama out of everything, I worry less, and I’m less judgmental of myself and more confident.”

- Katy M.

"Hypnotherapy with Jen has been incredible! She created a recording for me to prepare for an important professional exam that I have been studying for, for months.

Prior to listening to the hypnotic exam confidence recording, I was terrified that I wouldn't pass. I was afraid that I would experience test anxiety and that my mind would go blank looking at my exam like it has in the past.

I listened to the recording for about 2 weeks before the exam date, and I'm happy to report that I passed! Not only did I pass, but I believe hypnotherapy helped me go into the exam trusting what I studied, what I know, and that I did everything in my power to prepare myself. I felt calm and focused while taking the test and even finished with an hour to spare.

I'm so thankful for Jen's recording. I love working with her because she is a gentle, supportive healer. We have done 2 other sessions together, and each time has resulted in powerful, positive shifts. Thank you!"

- Liz R.

"The session helped me see formative moments from my past. Moments that shaped my beliefs and behaviors around food.

Recognizing the source gave me the insight required to change my habits and temper my impulses in a way that previously required an unsustainable force of will. I no longer felt I needed to eat something simply because it was available. 

The 2 sessions I completed sufficiently supported my struggles around food, but perhaps I would do a session in the future for a different issue."

- Becky

"When I first reached out to Jen, I was a mess.  I felt depressed, fat and helpless. I found her through her podcast, Brain Boss, and when she mentioned hypnotherapy, I instantly knew that this is what I needed to do.    

During our initial consultation, Jen helped me to pinpoint my root cause, which we decided was confidence.  On the day of the session, I was definitely nervous, but Jen was so genuine and easy to talk to that she put me at ease.    After the session, I definitely felt different.   

The change was instant for me!    It was as if someone had turned the off button on my inner dialog.  Today, my inner dialog (or inner critic) remains silent and in its place is a kind and loving voice telling me that I’m great just the way I am.    I am starting to make changes in my life with ease and feel confident with who I am.   Hypnotherapy is absolutely amazing and Jenn is wonderful to work with.  I would definitely do it again and may consider another session in the future."

- Nora

"I'm checking in to give you an update on my progress.  I have now lost 20 pounds and I am so excited about the process.  Eating healthy with portion control and within my diabetes prescribed options is an easy, natural choice for me now.  There is no stress or thought or angst about temptations.  It's just what I do now.  Maybe it's even more than that now.  Maybe I'm actually desiring to make better choices. The "bad" choices aren't an issue or temptation - they're just not an option that I'm interested in.    

I used to ban tempting foods from the house.  Right now, there's a bag of chocolate chip cookies in my cabinet (for my skinny husband).  They still look good, but they're not only not a temptation, they're not even a thought.      

It's great to be free from those thoughts that overwhelmed my mind most of the day:  "should I eat this, should I not?"  "maybe I can have just one.  Okay, one more."  "Well, I've blown it today.  Try again tomorrow.  Or Monday"  "Why do I do this??  I am such a loser." 

I do believe hypnotherapy changed my subconscious thoughts and realize how much control they had over my behavior and instincts.  I'm so grateful for the freedom and the results.  I have 25 more lbs to lose and I have no doubt that is possible, even easy."

- Anonymous

“With hypnotherapy I was able to investigate the emotions and beliefs held by my subconscious. I got clarity in processing the connections between my actions and the emotions and beliefs behind them.

This left me with a feeling of unity within myself - like a reckoning between a deep cognitive dissonance. Like a peacefulness that comes after conflict resolution. The journaling I did after our session sealed it for me. I cannot imagine how much I would have "lost" if I hadn't had processed that. Maybe it doesn't look like journaling for everyone, but the post-processing was key.”

- Bonnie B.

"I did 2 sessions with Jen in the Spring of 2019 (it’s now Dec. 2020) because I had been struggling to maintain or lose weight for the past 10 years because I emotionally ate.  It has been over a year-and-a-half now and I am still benefitting from my RTT sessions.  

After the first session I became very aware of when I am emotionally eating, and it no longer provided much pleasure.  After another session I became much more enamored with healthy foods.  I love all food, but healthy food is crazy enjoyable now.  

My weight stopped fluctuating and stayed stable within a few pounds.  When I decided to do a special diet for health reasons, I enjoyed the healthy food, I had no problem sticking to it and the weight started melting off.  I do not even remember what limiting beliefs we worked on, but the results have been life changing.  

Thanks Jen!!!"

- Jackie