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Why I created Making Space

authenticity autonomy healing self-awareness Dec 10, 2021

Making Space starts in 2022 ❤️

I'm so excited to announce my online authenticity program Making Space will open for enrollment in 2022.

Before I share the details, I wanna back up and explain why I created this (2 years in the making!!!).

Some of you may remember before I was a Hypnotherapist I started out as a Positive Psychology and Emotional Eating Coach. 

When I became certified in hypnotherapy I really thought it was the "missing link" to help people break through their limiting beliefs.

And sometimes it was! But other times sessions would merely reveal yet another layer and honestly, I would feel just as frustrated as my client.

There was something else that bothered me. Clients would book sessions with me for hypnotherapy and we never had time to talk about integration.

Integration was really left as their "homework" and some people did it a little bit, and others just didn't do it at all and it hindered their results.

The way I was sharing hypnotherapy wasn't fulfilling and I've been grappling with how to bring together my experiences, expertise, and my personal strengths and talents in a way that serve.

Making Space is the answer to that. It's where you can:

  • understand the power within you + your subconscious mind
  • repeat subconscious journeys (hypnotherapy) with the layers that reveal themselves - on your own energetic healing timeline 
  • integrate with me and within a community - this means being seen, and supported while you practice integrating

It's teaching you to fish instead of giving you fish. Sorry, I know, that's trite. But you know what I mean.

I can't teach you how to be authentic. And you don't need me to.

What I can help you with is removing the layers that are holding you back and sabotaging you.

Energy shifts happen first then the synchronicities start showing up in your life and change happens.

Too many times we try to force change on the timeline of your minds. But it doesn't work that way.

I wish I'd had this kind of support on my journey. Especially since sometimes when we're healing, a lot of friends, acquaintances, co-workers, jobs, relationships end while you're changing and there's space before new ones come in.

It can be lonely and dark in that liminal space. But it doesn't have to be. ❤️

What goes into healing?

The online wellness world is full of coaches that have overcome a problem and (with good intentions) want to show others how to overcome *said* problem.

I know - I was one of them.

But, I've learned where my true healing has come from:

  • my experience, privilege, and my own unique soul make-up

Not repeatable. Scale-able. Or teach-able.

Although my intentions were good - it didn't always have a good impact.


Telling people they just have to do XYZ to heal is misinformed at best, and damaging at worst.

I can't possibly know what you need to heal. There's too many factors out of my control, and out of your control.

Real healing factors:

1. Traumas: Generational, Past Lives, Childhood, Birth, Ancestral, PTSD

2. Your Unique Soul Mission for this Lifetime, Life Lessons, and Soul Contracts, your Astrological Chart

3. Your unique Physical Body, muscular adaptations, access and limitations

4. Limiting Beliefs (subconscious and conscious)

5. Spirituality: your connections to your spiritual team, your Faith, or none of the above

6. Your ability to know yourself, trust yourself, have self-compassion 

7. Your life circumstances, privileges, what support you have access to on your journey


Notice how much is out of your control.


Notice I don't list this factor: "YOUR ABILITY TO TRY HARDER".


How on Earth could I (or anyone?) tell you they have the blueprint to heal for your unique history, life, and experiences?


It's impossible.


But here's what I do know:

  • my talents, gifts, strengths, and life work are in the emotional, energetic, and subconscious guidance
  • I'm here to remind you what you CAN control, and how to re-engage with self-healing autonomy 
  • I'm passionate about authenticity and living in alignment to our authentic code because I believe we ALL benefit / grow / heal from that alignment

If I combine those things I get Making Space, which is designed to lead you back to yourself. 

Here's a reminder of what's IN our control:

  • increasing self-awareness
  • setting realistic expectations
  • increasing self-trust
  • increasing self-compassion
  • understanding & updating our subconscious belief system
  • pausing, resting, integrating
  • understanding our energy, emotions, and learning how to work with them

This is where we focus in Making Space: understanding yourself at a deep soul level.

In Making Space you have the opportunity to "look under the hood" at your subconscious beliefs and understand the blueprint for your thoughts, behaviors, and actions. 

You'll have the opportunity to update them with new beliefs, perspectives, new truths.

You'll have the support to increase your self-awareness, self-trust, raise your confidence, and your self-compassion.

You'll understand your emotions as energy in motion and have the support to help shift big energies through healing Distant Reiki at a Soul Level (think: inner child healing).

Check it out  ❤️

Interested in learning more about the subconscious layers protecting your authenticity? Check out my podcast.


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