Making Space

Musings about authenticity and the subconscious layers protecting it.

How to Listen to Making Space by Jen Pillipow

authenticity podcast Nov 16, 2021
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Making Space by Jen Pillipow
How to Listen to Making Space by Jen Pillipow

🎙️Making Space🎧

Did you know I have a new podcast?

Season 1 is live! (click the photo to hear the Intro Ep 🎧)

It's a private podcast discussing authenticity and the subconscious layers protecting it.


How to listen:

1. Sign up to receive the private link (it's "free" in exchange for your email; your email address is priceless - I appreciate you offering your time and space in your inbox)

2. Confirm you subscription in your email (check your spam!)

3. If you're working with Gmail: move the email from "promotions" to "primary"

4. Open the email and click "CONFIRMED!"

5. Next, you'll receive login information to view the podcast and you'll receive a username and password

6. Going forward you can also listen on Apple and Google podcast apps (but you must register your email first - see step 1)


Season 1 (available now)

Season 1: Introduction to Making Space

  • what personality layers obstruct our authentic self (people pleasing, perfectionism, etc)
  • why we don't feel "safe" being authentic
  • how to clear out old beliefs, old patterns, old thoughts
  • how to make space for more energy, vitality, safety, connection, and empowerment


Season 2 (coming soon)

All about perfectionism and how to operate it like a dial for increased authenticity and empowerment 


Season 3 (coming soon)

People pleasing! We go into boundaries, saying no, and all the feelings and limitations around that.


Season 4 (coming soon)

Inner child work. Why this is crucial to empowerment and healing.


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