Your authenticity is needed in this world.

There's only one of you, and we need you.

We need all the voices in the choir to harmonize.

No one can teach you how to be authentic. Only you can learn recognize your true authenticity.

Learn the difference between acting from your true nature vs. learned, automatic behavior by strengthening Self-Awareness, the true gateway to Authenticity.

Using tools such as hypnotherapy, RTT, CBT, Positive Psychology, and nervous system awareness to dismantle the personality layers keeping you "safe".



Why Authenticity Doesn't Feel Safe

When we were young and our subconscious minds were forming, we were seeking attachment to our parents, caregivers and adults around us for our safety and survival. We needed to fit in to the family dynamic.

If we were told we're "too much", or not to cry/whine, or we're "too loud", or in some way "not enough", our subconscious minds adapted us by adding personality layers over our authentic selves in order to maintain attachment, to fit in, and survive in our environment.

As adults we can often cognitively recognize these personality layers and patterns, but before we can integrate that knowledge we need to learn from them, and heal from them. Otherwise, being authentic won't feel safe and we'll continue to fall back on the patterns and behavior we're trying to change.

“People have 2 needs: attachment and authenticity.

When authenticity threatens attachment, attachment trumps authenticity.”

-Gabor Maté

If at some point being authentic threatened your survival, we can't start with trying to be "authentic". First, we have to understand what is inauthentic, why we created it, and slowly find safety without it.

Safety Defined

When I say we adapted for our safety and survival, I know this sounds dire.

It sounds like growing up in an abusive household.

Sometimes that's the case.

Other times, it's because our caregiveres were emotionally unavailable, or inconsistent, or teased us, or isolated us when we expressed emotions.

Either way, not feeling like it's enough, or safe to be just the way you are, a common workaround is creating personality layers to adapt to the environment to "fit" in and ensure safety.

Therefore subconsciously sabotaging all efforts to be "authentic" because it feels uncomfortable at best and unsafe at worst.

Everyone needs to update their subconscious mind. 

Here are a few reasons why:

-From the ages of 0-12 we are observing the world through the lens of the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind takes everything literally, doesn't have a sense of humor, and becomes 90-95% of our operating system for our adult life.

-The way we interpret events as a 0-12 year old is very different than how we would interpret those same events as an adult. We have a narrow view of the world, are dependent on the adults around us, and have little in our control. This interpretation is what creates our belief system, our habits, our go-to operating system for daily life.

I don't know about you, but I don't want

0-12 year old me running the show!

The thoughts, beliefs, and habits that were created need an upgrade in order for me to live my truest most authentic life.

Safety in Authenticity

Monthly Workshops Include

Conscious Mind

Video Learning

Conscious learning and mindset shifting on the topic through a downloadable video.

Subconscious Mind

Hypnosis & Transformational Recording

Recorded and downloadable hypnosis and guided meditation to understand where and why these associations were created.

Live Integrative Coaching

Live monthly group coaching to integrate the experiences

Purchasing 1 workshop allows you to show up for the ongoing monthly coaching on Zoom.


Hypnotic Replay Available

The hypnotic recording will be provided if you can't make it live.

Private Facebook Group

When you sign up to any workshop, you'll get an invitation to join the Private Facebook group. I moderate this group on a weekly basis so you get direct contact and help to integrate your experiences. This exclusive group is a great way to feel shared experiences and realize you aren't alone.

Journal Prompts

Each topic comes with powerful journal prompts to help you integrate and deepen your learning and lessons.


Why don't you provide a replay of the group integration session?

The individuals joining and contributing to those sessions live are often sharing deep insights and processing life lessons. In this case I'm eager to maintain a sense of safety and privacy for people to share without the fear that it will be floating around the internet somewhere.

What if I have never been hypnotized?

No problem, that is not a pre-requisite! I recommend you start with my free introductory workshop: Introduction to Hypnotherapy, my approach, and how to take care of yourself.

How long is the content available to me?

You can download the video and hypnosis as well as the PDF's and have them for life.


-Fears and anxieties

-Comfort over growth

-People Pleasing

-Lacking healthy boundaries

-Attachment wounding


-Dysregulated nervous system

This is just a small example of what could be holding you back from your true self.

The goal isn't to eliminate perfectionism, for example - the goal is to understand and get curious about your patterns so you can start to move forward with dismantling the personality layers you created for your internal safety. Then, learn how to slowly find safety without it.

Symptoms of Inauthenticity &

the Effects of Personality Layers

-Sabotage: habits and patterns you can't break (no matter how hard you try)

-Emotional symptoms like anxiety, stress, feeling "lost" or sad

-Difficulty in relationships (feeling insecure, jealous, or fear of loss)

-Beliefs and "stories" that create fear that hold you back

-Living mostly in the future, or the past; not able to be present-focused

-Not knowing or following your life purpose

-Playing the victim in your life

Perks of Authenticity &

Dismantling Personality Layers

-Increased vitality and aliveness

-Agency and empowerment (less victimhood)

-Revitalized energy (less caffeine)

-Connection and realignment to your life purpose or soul purpose

-Excitement restored




-Courage, bravery

-Increased creativity and flow

-Connection restored to yourself

-Reinstated curiosity for yourself, the world, and life

-A sense of calm and ease and "everything is going to be alright" kind of wellbeing

Your authenticity is needed in this world.

There's only one of you, and we need you.

We need all the voices in the choir to harmonize.

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