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What are RHE Sessions?



RHE stands for Reiki-Hypnotherapy-Embodiment and are 1:1 sessions offered in person or online.

Reiki for grounding, energy healing, moving stuck energy, making space for new beliefs and emotion.

Reiki creates physical, emotional, mental, spiritual balance and flow to support healing.

Hypnotherapy for the subconscious mind work; releasing limiting beliefs created in childhood, and accepting new perspectives in this suggestive mind state.

Embodiment for acknowledging, witnessing, validating the emotions that come up. Allowing all of you to integrate what is ready to be integrated.

Understanding why you are the way you are is informative; when you release the defenses you adopted as a result of what happened, is transformative. This modality supports that release.

"Healing is not becoming the best version of yourself. Healing is letting the worst versions of yourself be seen and loved."

With awareness comes choice.

With choice comes change.





Reiki promotes relaxation and assists bringing on a meditative state, and can also create feelings of safety.

This perfectly sets the stage for hypnotherapy and getting the subconscious mind to come forward and allowing the conscious, critical thinking mind to rest.

As we learn what the subconscious mind is believing, we can use embodiment to understand where these beliefs and emotions live in the body.

Then, flowing between the modalities depending on what comes up, allows the person to experience physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual integration of the new beliefs and energy they choose to invite in.


Reiki is amazing for relaxation and does help guide the person into hypnosis, but it's also energy healing. 

Reiki is an incredible modality to help move old, stuck emotion that was attached to old beliefs.

It helps create new space for the new emotions and new beliefs to integrate in your body. 

It helps you put down the heavy baggage you've been carrying that you no longer need to carry. The lessons have been learned and you're free to move forward, lighter, freer. 

It cleanses the aura, rebalances the chakras, grounds, heals what is ready to be healed and releases what is ready to go. 

Reiki often bookends the RHE sessions; we start with Reiki and end with Reiki.


Hypnosis in my world means using relaxation tools like Reiki and guided meditation to slow the brainwaves down to a theta state.

In the theta state we're still awake; but the conscious, critical thinking mind can take a backseat and rest.

When this happens, the subconscious mind (90% of our operating system and why we do what we do) comes forward.

This is the therapy part of hypnosis where we explore the subconscious mind to understand why we created the beliefs we did.

Within this state we're able to explore, ask questions, bring in new understandings and perspectives.

Most of our subconscious beliefs that drive our daily behavior were created as small children.

As children, we have limited choice so we accept and adopt the beliefs that we're told and that we're intuiting with our limited knowledge of the world.

As adults we have a major super power to heal this. We have choice.

And when we see new perspectives and make new choices within the theta state, these new choices are adopted as the new truth, the new operating system.

With an updated subconscious mind, it creates new beliefs, which creates new actions, which creates change.

With awareness comes choice.

With choice comes change.


Embodiment in my world means feeling and sensing with your body; not just understanding with your mind.

When I just did hypnotherapy I would see clients understand with their mind, but not embody it.

We don't fully heal when we only heal parts of us, or compartmentalize.

The embodiment work in RHE is to bring the wisdom to the body and vocalize your experience through feeling, sensation, and imagery.

Many of us were taught to avoid, distract, or hide emotion. Emotion was a thing to escape and not to embrace.

Emotion is energy in motion and that energy can't be destroyed, but it can be moved, and wants to move.

When we identify an old belief, that old belief created emotions and sensations in the body. 

As we update the beliefs in the subconscious mind, we also need to acknowledge, validate, and accept the emotions that were tied to the old belief.

This is whole healing where we can unshame, accept parts of ourselves, let things go, and move forward.



I'm obsessed with personal development and growth.

I started out as a coach, then I found hypnotherapy, then I discovered hidden links in the nervous system, then I found embodiment practices, then I had a spiritual awakening and got trained in the magical healing powers of Reiki.

I thought my entrepreneurial path would be easy A+B=C. Ha! It's been up and down and at times felt absolutely backwards.

I've come to realize I love learning about healing. I see the potential in all my clients' authenticity and I see their unique path.

I'm honored to be on their healing journey and helping them find their way back to themselves, their capacity, their authenticity, and the healing that is already in them.

I'm formally trained in Reiki, RTT Hypnotherapy, Positive Psychology Coaching, MBA, and am trauma and nervous system-informed from working with Irene Lyon, Kathy Kain, and Gabor Maté.

I currently live in Saskatoon, SK with my husband and 6-year-old son.